Top Ten Reasons Why I Loved WordCamp Orlando!

WordCamp Orlando 2013

When selecting a sticker for my badge from among the nine classifications provided (Developer, Designer, User, etc.), I was struck by the fact that my moniker was missing:  “Newbie.”  Having been introduced to WordPress only a few months ago, this was my first WordCamp experience and my true indoctrination into the WP culture.  Here’s why I loved it:

  1.  Panelists and Presenters.  WordPress experts from far and wide convened in Orlando to help me understand how to use it and how to make money from of it.  The presentations and panel discussions were engaging, informative, and in some cases mind-blowing.  This was the core of my WordCamp experience.presenters
  2. Attendees.  WP enthusiasts looking to learn from the experts, exchange ideas, form new business relationships, pick up tips on development, and even find jobs gathered to share a common love for this amazing tool.Crowd
  3. Venue.  What a beautiful campus!  The UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management lived up to its name with its modern facilities and attentive staff.fountain
  4. Food!  I actually did not have time to eat much because I was running from one presentation to the next, but this was not your average cafeteria-style food.  Pulled pork, Portabello mushrooms, vegetarian lasagna—the  food had class. And the coffee station was well-stocked throughout the day, and the brownies were to die for!cafeteria
  5. Organizers.  Excellent job putting it all together.  The show was well-run from pre-camp registration to the final raffle!Lisa Melegari at the reception table
  6. Location.  It’s been a while since I vacationed in Orlando, and driving around International Drive brought back fond memories of past vacations and conferences.  With a limitless supply of attractions and entertainment, Orlando is an ideal place for any conference.OrlandoBanner
  7. Off-season Rates at Hotels.  I stayed in a one-bedroom suite at an upscale resort for $89 per night!  The room was the size of a starter home in Tamarac.  The water-jet bathtub was as wide as  a kiddy pool!deal
  8. New Friends.  I met people with whom I will surely be working and doing business in the future and a few who might become good friends.
    Maria Brooks James Tryon, Syed Balkhi, Mark Jaquith, and others enjoy breakfast David Bisset and friends
  9. Price!  $40 for a life-changing experience.  How can you go wrong with that?
  10. Sponsors.  I’m wearing my WP Engine t-shirt as I write this.  I look forward to my free week of Treehouse learning in the near future.  And I’ve been telling my “What does the Pirate say?” story from Constant Contact ever since I got back!  I can’t mention all of the sponsors in this short space, but as David Laietta said, “We love our sponsors!”David Laietta

Thank you, #WCORL!  It was an amazing experience! Looking forward to #WCMIA!

Erik Lindgren


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why I Loved WordCamp Orlando!

  1. lmelegari

    I loved this post – and not just because of the subject matter! Your happiness with the event and enthusiasm for WordPress really comes across in your writing. Thanks so much for your review – we’re already working on ideas for next year, so look forward to WordCamp Orlando 2014!

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